How to Write a Theology of Development


Writing a Theology of Development: Grounding your Fundraising on Biblical Principles

At The FOCUS Group, we believe every Christian ministry should have a carefully-crafted theology of development that guides how it will carry out its fundraising work based on a biblical view of money, asking and giving.

A Theology of Development is built on four foundational commitments:
1. God owns it all!
2. We are stewards, not owners in every sphere of life and work.
3. We are all on a journey from the bondage of ownership to the freedom of the faithful steward.
4. Our work in all of our development programs and practices is ministry.

Dr. Scott Rodin, Senior Consultant and Chief Strategy Officer with The FOCUS Group, will discuss these principles and seven very important implications for our lives and work that flow from them. Learn how to write a Theology of Development for your ministry, and how to use it to ensure that your fundraising work is focused on doing God’s work, God’s way for God’s glory.

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