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Philanthropy is the answer to needs in the world, but it can truly be so much more. Using biblical principles, we will outline how fundraising done thoughtfully and intentionally can improve the lives of not only the funding recipients, but giving partners and fundraising staff as well. Just as God’s commandments are timeless, these enduring tips will help you go from transactional tasks to transformational endeavors and illustrate that the right things to do in fundraising are also the things that work.

Ask any five strategic planning consultants about the best process for writing a plan, and you will get five different answers, sometimes varying widely in both product and approach. Ask ten nonprofits about whether they have a current, relevant strategic plan that is driving their daily decisions and being well executed, and you will get mostly blank stares, sighs or even laughter. In our experience there are few organizations that are benefiting daily from a well written strategic plan that has become integrated into the life and work of the organization.

While structure and method can vary, there are some core elements to the development of every successful plan that simply can’t be ignored or omitted. The purpose of this webinar is to highlight four of those core elements, show you how you can use them to evaluate your own planning process and help you create one that will truly serve your organization in discerning God’s will for your future and pursuing it with unity and excellence.

In our work of raising kingdom resources, we make dozens of decisions every day. These decisions are shaped and driven by our understanding of what will be most effective and what will align with the values of our organization. While we are aware that these underlying values exist, it’s not often that leaders in development take the time and invest the resources to articulate clearly the principles and motivations for the work that they do. The desire to do so often gets lost in the pressure to do what will bring the greatest financial return. Yet, for most of us in the Christian development world there is at least a nod toward the desire that our fundraising work be done according to biblical values.

The question is, do we understand those values specifically as they pertain to our work, and have we written them down in a way that can allow them to guide us in all of these daily decisions? That is the purpose of writing a theology of development for your fundraising work. The purpose of this webinar is to outline briefly what that document might look like and how you might use it.

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