Wilber Aguilar

Wilber Aguilar, Giving Day Coordinator, brings a blend of creativity, drive, and a strategic mindset to his work. He was a part of the founding team of Abily, a college project that evolved into a pre-seed idea aiming to bridge the gap between the internet and individuals with disabilities, securing more than $35K in funding. Through this experience, Wilber developed a deep passion for entrepreneurship, innovation, and customer-centricity.

Wilber holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing and Entrepreneurship & Innovation from John Brown University in Arkansas. He served in various leadership roles while living abroad, gaining skills in branding, marketing, and user-centric thinking, and collaborated with cross-cultural teams representing over six countries.

Additionally, he is part of the Walton International Scholarship program, founded by Sam and Helen Walton, which provides free college education in the U.S. for students from Central America and Mexico. Wilber lives in Antigua, Guatemala, and enjoys spending time with friends and family, reading personal development books, exploring cultures, and trying new foods.

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