A Lifetime of Ministry – Covenant equips pastors, counselors, and ministry leaders for a lifetime of faithful ministry. Covenant Theological Seminary’s unique whole-person training produces capable pastors and ministry leaders. The result is that they have an impact can flourish for a lifetime of ministry while the church gets the faithful leadership it deserves.

Goal and Purpose
The Hope for the Future Campaign was launched to found the following key strategic growth initiatives:
Partnering for Success

Over the history of the partnership with the FOCUS Group, Covenant Theological Seminary has successfully gathered donor relationships to gain over $71 Million in cash and estate gifts. Extending back to 1996, when the “Jewel of Grace, Fire for Ministry” campaign launched and accomplished raising $14 M, Covenant has continued to seek the expertise of our firm.

During the initial three-year period, it is through the need for a set committee, that we established the Executive Campaign Committee and the Campaign Steering Committee, and now all of our clients utilize this model.

In 2006, the second campaign “By His Grace, for His Glory” was also shepherded by us. This campaign raised $15 M. In 2015, we performed a feasibility study so that Covenant could launch their most elaborate campaign yet. The initial goal was to raise $15 million in cash and $23 million is estate gifts. With 100% board participation, and the Executive Committee helping towards 15% of donors from their own spheres of influence, in just over 47 months, the cash goal was exceeded by $4 million!



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