We’re hiring: Associate Consultant

An Associate Consultant is primarily responsible for the internal management of multiple client projects, and assisting Consultants in serving select clients.

Results Criteria

Project Management

  • There is a clear and realistic project timeline that is understood by all participants for every project.
  • Provides proactive leadership to consultants and clients to identify and avoid or mitigate potential obstacles, schedule conflicts and challenges, and find solutions when needed. There are no fire drills caused by preventable delays or double-booking of resources.
  • Meets key deadlines for report writing assignments and delivers high-quality, high-value content. Client presentations and reports are prepared in a highly professional manner, free of errors, and delivered on time.
  • The FOCUS Group avoids committing to project timelines that aren’t possible due to resource and time commitments on other projects.
  • Consultants are kept abreast of upcoming client deadlines and issues that may arise.
  • Client deadlines are met, studies and campaigns are on track and within time budgets.
  • The capacity of consultants to serve clients is increased by virtue of the leverage achieved by the AC.
  • Manages the preparation of client reports and presentations, incorporating contributions from multiple consultants and research data.
  • High-level project management of multiple projects, including feasibility studies and capital campaigns.
  • Monitor and prepare reports on the status of each client engagement with regards to time budgets.

Client Interaction

  • Prepares and leads project setup and status meetings/calls with consultants and clients.
  • Engages and communicates regularly with his/her counterparts on client teams to coordinate TFG and client efforts.


  • Clear, timely, honest and professional communication with clients.
  • Cultivates long-term relationships with key leaders and staff at client organizations.
  • Proactively serves and provides leadership to clients.
  • Clear and professional communication with TFG colleagues.


  • This is a full-time, salaried position.
  • Must work from the St. Augustine office.
  • Must be able to travel to staff retreats and occasionally for client meetings.