The goal of Union Rescue Mission is to help individuals and families achieve self-sufficiency by breaking the cycle of poverty. Today, the Union Rescue Mission is the largest and leading rescue mission in the country, offering comprehensive recovery and life-transforming programs to over 1,300 lives each day.

Goal and Purpose
Multiply Hope Campaign
Partnering for Success

CEO Brand Layland of The FOCUS Group first met Rev. Andy Bales in New York City, through TFG client The Bowery Mission, the oldest rescue mission in the United States, Understanding the importance of relationships, and having a passion for rescue mission, Brad cultivated his relationships with Rev. Bales, and continued to do so, meetin with him preiodically when travel brougt him to LA.

Early in 2015, URM decided to launch its campaign to raise $30M, but proceeded without the guidance of TFG, declaring they cloud do it without assistance, but by September, they announced at only 6M having been raise, they were stuck, and in fact, did need TFG.

TFG conducted a feasibility Study form November 2015 to May 2016 to identify the Union Rescue Mission’s top prospects and refine their message. In August 2016, under the guidance and suggestions of TFG, URM launched its three-year capital campaign to raise $30 Million in cash gifts, and $10 Million in estate gifts, However, location for the new facility changed and the need to build a larger facility increased the amount to $42 Million in cash gifts, Instead of ending in May 2019, the campaign to Multiply Hope ended in February 2020, not only meeting the initial goal, but surpassing it by raising $48.3 Million in cash fits and $43.8 Million in estate gifts, totaling $92.1 Million, more than doubling the goal amount!





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