A Consultant with The FOCUS Group provides fundraising counsel to clients and helps lead feasibility studies and capital campaigns.

Results Criteria


  • Demonstrates proficiency in understanding and applying the Taking Donors Seriously principles and framework to provide quality advice to clients.
  • Helps to evaluate the capacity of their clients through feasibility studies and development assessments, conducting interviews and research, formulating recommendations and presenting the findings in a written report.
  • Provides counsel to clients’ executives, capital campaign managers and meets with their committees on a regular basis. The counsel and meetings include phone calls, emails and regular travel to the client locations.
  • Demonstrates proficiency in utilizing Windshield2020 to generate insight and reports for advising clients.
  • Successfully leverages personal experience as well as the collective wisdom of the team to provide wise counsel and effective solutions.


  • Meets key deadlines for report writing assignments and delivers high-quality, high-value content.
  • Manages level of service to align with each client’s project budget.
  • Provides team leadership on a number of projects, to ensure contracted services are provided within time budgets.
  • Consistently meets or exceeds monthly billable hours and marketing hours targets.
  • Client projects are organized and running on schedule. Clients are receiving the appropriate amount of attention given the project requirements and budgeted time.
  • Senior Consultants are apprised of the progress being made and any issues with client projects.
  • Campaign Managers are guided, advised and encouraged in support of their capital campaign efforts.


  • Clear, timely, honest and professional communication with
  • Cultivates long-term relationships with key leaders and
    staff at client organizations.
  • Proactively serves and provides leadership to clients.
  • Clear and professional communication with TFG colleagues.

Business Development

  • Generates leads, primarily through receiving referrals from current and past clients.
  • Assesses the needs of a prospective client to assist with the preparation of proposals.
  • Cultivates relationships with prospective clients, and presents proposals, and makes visits as appropriate.


  • Working from a remote location is allowed.
  • Must be able to travel approximately 25% of time, for client and business development meetings as well as staff retreats.